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Who we are

Ilya Kuzovkin
Founding Partner

PhD in Computational Neuroscience and AI. Track record of leading Data Science and AI teams. Special interest in NeuroAI and Neurotechnology.

Ilya excels in strategic thinking, specializing in designing AI solutions and architectures, effectively translating project requirements into the language of machine learning and AI.

His journey in the field of machine learning began in 2013 with his work on Brain-Computer Interfaces, eventually culminating in a PhD focused on Computational Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.

Within the industry, Ilya has demonstrated his expertise by formulating AI strategy for OffWorld Robotics and led the machine learning team as the Head of Machine Learning Strategy and Research. Upon relocating to Sydney, he successfully led a Data Science team in a neurotech company.

Ilya’s career combines industrial and academic experience, resulting in over 10 scientific publications, 1000+ citations, patents, as well as numerous public talks and conference presentations.

Anna Leontjeva
Founding Partner

With PhD in Computer Science and MSc in Statistics Anna has more than 12 years of experience in machine learning and industrial applications of AI. She is an award-winning data scientist.

With strong background in statistics and machine learning Anna served as a Lead Statistician at Statistics Estonia—the agency responsible for statistical analysis for the Estonian government.

Anna has completed an industrial PhD in collaboration with Skype and Microsoft Research.

Subsequently, she relocated to Sydney to work on machine learning on complex network structures at CSIRO.

As a senior member of a data science team in one of the leading Australian financial institutions, she employed her knowledge and experience to tackle the complexities of large-scale data leading to real-world impact and numerous awards.


Winner of AI in Finance from WAI Awards 2022
Excellence Award 2021

Our name and philosophy

The genesis of our company’s name stems from the recognition that our personal and professional lives, along with our businesses and nearly every facet of our activities, are continuously influenced by an overwhelming influx of information. Much of this information lacks relevance, and as individuals fulfilling various roles, we are perpetually seeking means to diminish the incessant noise and clutter. We firmly believe that machine learning and AI techniques present technological solutions to this very challenge, and we are proud to bring these solutions to our customers.

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